The Internet is Growing And Growing

by James Higbee on

If you’ve been on the Internet very long (or even a short while), you’ve certainly noticed that the number of web designers and hosting providers has grown considerably. And for a good reason – increasing numbers of businesses now realize that they need to be on the internet and people are willing, and eager, to start up design and/or hosting services thinking that it is an easy and fun way to make a living.
Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been in business for years, you are guaranteed to find several unique tidbit’s of information that’ll add new customers to your business. Every single page of this manual is filled with usable information.

You’ll learn the steps of creating a successful web design and/or hosting business, including:

6 ways to get your service noticed NOW… even if you’re just a starting out.

Want to know the secrets of using trade shows to grow your business? I’ll show you 3 inexpensive techniques – 2 of which most professionals hardly ever use.

Testimonials can be a deciding factor in whether or not you receive sales – Here is a super easy way to get them.

Make sure you’re not overlooked during the holiday season, this tip will show you how.

Where to find local business organizations to promote your services.

How to take full advantage of placement/matching sites such as

A comprehensive directory of web sites that freely provide an ongoing list of new prospects, for both site designers and hosting companies.

1 simple trick that takes only a few minutes a day that brought one hosting client an increase of referrals of 42% and an increase in sales of 35%

A trade show trick that could make the difference between $4,000 vs. $10,000 in new business.

A two-hour a week offline method that I’ve seen bring in $50,000+ in business, within one year for a single web designer.

How one designer received promotion & $4,400 in new business using one of the local promotion tips..

Written by: James Higbee

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